Switchboards are the heart and soul of every homes Electrical system. They distribute power throughout the home through individual circuits. At Power & Solar Group we can provide full installation or upgrades to your home switchboard. If you have old ceramic fuses or an old asbestos panel within your switchboard, it may be time for an upgrade.

Your homes electrical system requires each circuit to be protected by a safety switch (RCBO) which keeps you safe. The safety of our clients is paramount and upgrading a switchboard is one way to keep the electrical system and the occupants inside the home safe. Better to be safe than sorry!

Get in touch with ‘the switchboard specialsts’ on 0488 126 121 or send us an enquiry.

Power & Solar Group were fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend them.

Kieran answered all of our questions (and there were quite a few), made great recommendations, provided easy to understand quotes and was very responsive.

We are really pleased with the result – upgrading our single-phase connection to a 3 phase one, replacing an old asbestos panel and switchboard with a shiny new one, as well as wiring in a new air conditioner. And what’s more, no mess was left after!

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