Level 2 ASP

What is an ASP?

An ASP is an “Accredited Service Provider”. An ASP level 2 electrician is licenced and trained to provide installation and maintenance on overhead and underground service lines between the network and a your home. We can provide extensive works on your home electrical system. We can:

  • Disconnect and reconnect
  • Install private poles (Level 2 ASP)
  • Arrange for temporary builders supply (Level 2 ASP)
  • Upgrade switchboards (meter box, main switch, safety switches, earthing system, neutral links)
  • Repair and replace barge fuses
  • Install and repair service fuses
  • Upgrade consumers mains and service mains, overhead and underground (Level 2 ASP)
  • Upgrade your metering (Level 2 ASP)
  • Testing of your home electrical installation from service mains to internal circuits

Why do you need a Level 2 ASP?

If you’ve ever been at home and wondered why your power has gone out and everything seems like its ON at your home’s switchboard, you will need the assistance of a Level 2 ASP. You may have blown a Fuse, either at your switchboard or up at your Point of Attachment (Barge fuse). If a tree branch has fallen down over your Overhead Service to your home. You will need a Level 2 ASP to help reconnect and test the installation to ensure your home is back up running with power and is safe.

Our Authorisations

Need a Level 2 ASP qualified electrician? Call us on 0488 126 121 or send us an enquiry.

Power & Solar Group were fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend them.

Kieran answered all of our questions (and there were quite a few), made great recommendations, provided easy to understand quotes and was very responsive.

We are really pleased with the result – upgrading our single-phase connection to a 3 phase one, replacing an old asbestos panel and switchboard with a shiny new one, as well as wiring in a new air conditioner. And what’s more, no mess was left after!

Geoff Field - Google reviews