Service Mains

Service mains are the cables that connect your premises to the Network poles/light poles or Pillars on the street. It is a means of connecting you to the local network distributor. Depending where you are located you might be with Ausgrid (Sydney), Endeavour Energy (Greater Sydney) or Essential Energy (Rural NSW). Service Mains can either be Single Phase or 3 Phase and can be installed by the following methods

  • Aerial Span
  • UGOH (Underground to Overhead)
  • Underground

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Aerial Span

An Aerial Service connects the customer premises from Network Pole to POA (Point of attachment) on customers property. A single phase or three phase bundle can be installed to power your home. 

UGOH (Underground to overhead)

An UGOH is a service cable which is installed by running the service cable down the network pole underground then through a trench to the customers property and terminated at a “Private Pillar”. This can be a great solution for a customer wanting to remove overhead cabling from the front facade of the property.


Underground service mains are connected from Network Pillars or Street light poles underground to the customers property. A private Pillar can be installed at the front boundary of the customers property and connection can be done inside. 

In order to do these varying types of Service mains certain accreditation is required. At Power & Solar Group we are certified to do all of the above. We are more than comfortable with heights and dont mind getting our hands dirty digging trenches.

Power & Solar Group were fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend them.

Kieran answered all of our questions (and there were quite a few), made great recommendations, provided easy to understand quotes and was very responsive.

We are really pleased with the result – upgrading our single-phase connection to a 3 phase one, replacing an old asbestos panel and switchboard with a shiny new one, as well as wiring in a new air conditioner. And what’s more, no mess was left after!

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