Enphase Solar

Why Enphase? At Power & Solar Group the Solar systems, we INSTALL are Enphase Microinverter systems. We have chosen this product for a number of reasons:


Hazardous DC voltages are kept to 60V or less. All DC cabling is located on the roof at the solar panel. The remainder of the solar installation uses standard AC cabling which you can find throughout your home already.


Enphase Microinverters are positioned underneath each and every panel on the roof. Allowing each and every panel to work independently to each other. This means that if you have one dirty panel, your system isn’t going to drop to the performance of that one panel. Each and every panel will work to its maximum efficiency, operating as its own independent energy source.


Enphase’s monitoring software is Enlighten. A user-friendly application which can be accessed through your mobile phone, tablet or desktop on your computer. It provides you with real time data on how each and every panel you have is performing throughout the day. It will show the relationship between how much solar energy you have produced versus how much energy your home has consumed.

What’s a microinverter?

A microinverter is a small device which sits underneath each panel in your solar system. It converts the DC voltage to AC voltage there and then and converts it into usable power for your home.

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Power & Solar Group were fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend them.

Kieran answered all of our questions (and there were quite a few), made great recommendations, provided easy to understand quotes and was very responsive.

We are really pleased with the result – upgrading our single-phase connection to a 3 phase one, replacing an old asbestos panel and switchboard with a shiny new one, as well as wiring in a new air conditioner. And what’s more, no mess was left after!

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