Batteries (Energy Storage)

Sustainable energy is something that we are passionate about at Power & Solar Group. Utilising the suns energy to create power is an energy efficient way to save on your energy bills.

We’ve touched base on how much we love solar, but it’s not the only way to harness that energy. Batteries or energy storage is a way in which you can save what power you are producing from the solar system you may have on your roof for you to use at a later time. Some of the benefits of installing an energy storage system at your home are:

  • Energy savings, utilising your solar energy and storing it in a battery can help your energy savings
  • Off-setting peak tariffs, using the energy stored in a battery during the peak tariff times can help keep the cost down of your energy bills
  • Can provide energy stability, If the local network has unreliable supply, utilising batteries can help keep continuous supply to your home

When should you get a battery?

You need to think about a few things whilst considering energy storage, these are:

  • Budget
  • Application
  • Will there be requirements for backup?
  • Location
  • Do I have solar on the roof?

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Power & Solar Group were fantastic, I can thoroughly recommend them.

Kieran answered all of our questions (and there were quite a few), made great recommendations, provided easy to understand quotes and was very responsive.

We are really pleased with the result – upgrading our single-phase connection to a 3 phase one, replacing an old asbestos panel and switchboard with a shiny new one, as well as wiring in a new air conditioner. And what’s more, no mess was left after!

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